Reasons to Give

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Why should I consider giving to Hope?

Every dollar donated to Hope stays in our community. With your financial gift, we’re able to care for everyone in southwest Florida – your friends, neighbors, coworkers and those who are closest to your heart.

How is my money used once you get it?

Reasons to Give

We provide a safety net for the most frail and vulnerable members of our community. Your donation will improve the lives of needy children, homebound seniors, grieving family members and people facing serious illness. Those who are facing complex physical, emotional and financial challenges will find help at Hope.

Through your generosity, we’re able to close the gap between the level of care covered by insurance and the exceptional, comprehensive care we’re proud to provide. Your donation may offset the cost of Rainbow Trails bereavement camp for children, special training for pet visitors and volunteers, Honor Guard ceremonies for U.S. veterans and ongoing support groups for caregivers. Donations also help us provide hospice care for those who are unable to pay.

What separates your group from other charities?

The size and scope of our organization affords us the opportunity to touch thousands of local families every day. Thirty years ago, we began as a hospice provider, but our newer community-based programs serve individuals who aren’t eligible for end of life care, but who will benefit from our expertise in holistic health care. Now, we can provide our unique style of comfort and compassion to more people than ever before.

We’re fortunate that many of our donors have firsthand knowledge of the important work we’re doing. Some of our supporters were introduced to Hope when we cared for a family member or loved one. Others have been volunteers, bereavement group members or participants in our Parkinson Program. Whatever their connection to Hope, their personal experience motivates them to help us provide the same loving care for others.