Hope PACE: A Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly

A Total Healthcare Solution for Aging Adults

PACEHope PACE is a comprehensive, coordinated healthcare program. We meet the social, emotional and practical challenges of older adults. This innovative program helps seniors live safely at home.

As a Hope PACE participant, you receive all of your medical care through the program. Your prescriptions are included, along with careful medication management. You can visit with medical specialists - even dentists. If you need assistance with personal care, light housekeeping or equipment and supplies, it’s all available through PACE. 

Many of your social and medical services will take place at a Hope Care Center. While at a Center, you can enjoy nutritious, warm meals along with fun activities like Bingo, art therapy, games and contests. Musicians and pet visitors frequently drop by for your entertainment. You can enjoy light exercise with interactive Wii games, simple stretches and outdoor activities. Don’t worry about how to get there - we provide your transportation.

While you’re enjoying your day at the Care Center, your caregiver can relax for a morning or afternoon of respite. Your loved ones receive expert guidance and support so they can also improve their quality of life.

Call us toll-free at 866-659-7223, or visit our PACE site for more information.