Private Duty Services

Personal Care in the Comfort of Your Own Home

If you need exceptional care provided directly in your own home, consider Hope's private pay services. Please note, your Long Term Care policy may also provide coverage or reimbursement. 

We will work closely with you and your entire family to provide the care you need to stay safely at home. Services include:

  • Initial Assessment: detailed review of your medical, practical and emotional needs 
  • Nursing Services 
  • Bath Visit 
  • Personal Care: help with personal hygiene, shaving, eating, transfers or positioning in bed
  • Housekeeping: may include vacuuming, dusting, meals, linen change and laundry
  • Companion Services
  • LSVT BIG: specialized physical therapy for Parkinson's disease (see below)

Call us at (239) 337-4848 for our current rates and minimum hour requirements.

“If I had special ordered my preferences for care, I would have chosen my nurse and physical therapist! They were equally proficient in their fields - thorough, knowledgeable, thoughtful and kind. They answered my questions and explained their services as it pertained to my particular needs. I enjoyed their visits and looked forward to them. They each helped me tremendously and I miss seeing them!" 

LSVT BIG: Your Option for Customized Physical Therapy

LSVT BIG is a standardized treatment protocol for Parkinson's disease, customized for you based on your goals and your current abilities. The program is adaptable and will help people with a wide range of impairments. Hope Visiting Nurses staff members are certified in this method. Your LSVT BIG treatment will consist of 16 sessions:

  • 4 consecutive days a week for 4 weeks
  • Individual 1 hour sessions
  • Daily homework practice
  • Daily carryover exercises

What makes LSVT different?

LSVT BIG adheres to the idea that our body can change through repeated efforts. With practice, you can retrain your muscles to function more effectively. Repetition of daily tasks will help you conquer more complex and challenging tasks in the future. Feedback and motivation is definitely a part of this process! After your sessions are complete, you’ll notice a measurable improvement in your ability to move and live your best life. Learn more at