Awards and Recognition

Community Health Accreditation

After an exhaustive review of every aspect of Hope’s operations, policies and procedures, the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) granted Accreditation to Hope. CHAP is recognized as the national leader in improving the quality of care in the home care industry. One of CHAP’s primary objectives is to enable health care organizations to develop and maintain state-of-the art national standards of excellence.

A CHAP team member said that it was “extremely rare” for an organization to score as well as Hope did on the initial CHAP assessment. According to the CHAP report, “The organization is commended for fostering a corporate climate of innovation and direction for the future.”


Circle of Life Award and Citation of Honor

Hope received the national Circle of Life Award and Citation of Honor for its innovative program that improves the care of individuals at the end of life and its strategy to make services available to anyone who needs hospice care, regardless of age, diagnosis, or ability to pay. “The Open Access Program at Hope Hospice has made great strides in end-of-life and palliative care.  Their program reflects the importance they put on serving patients, families and those around them,” said American Hospital Association President Dick Davidson.

circle of life

National Institute for Jewish Hospice

Hope Hospice is among only a few organizations selected for accreditation by the National Institute for Jewish Hospice (NIJH). NIJH was founded in 1985 to address the Jewish community’s end-of-life care needs. Its recent accreditation efforts focus on providing onsite training to U.S. hospice programs, geriatric centers and hospitals.

jewish hospice

Uncommon Friends Business Ethics Award

Hope HealthCare Services earned the top honor from Uncommon Friends Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to lifelong character building among youth and business leaders. The organization’s award was given in recognition of Hope's responsibility to refrain from making ethical decisions on behalf of the patients, clients and families.


Quality in Palliative Care Leadership Award

Hope was among the country’s first recipients of the Quality in Palliative Care Leadership Award, in recognition of its innovative patient care. The award recognized Hope’s enhanced palliative care services and adherence to the principles of the National Consensus Project for Quality Care and the National Quality Forum, national organizations working to improve the quality of American healthcare.

palliative leadership

Pinnacle Award

Hope Hospice was recognized by the American Pharmacists Association Foundation for its innovative and visionary approach in delivering a consistently high level of care to its patients. Hope created, implemented and maintained a Collaborative Practice Medication Management System to manage medication therapy.

“Using integrated, state of the art technology that enables professionals from different disciplines to participate in a patient’s care and make informed decisions based on current information, Hope Hospice delivers an unparalleled level of quality of care to its patients,” according to the Award citation.


pinnacle award

Horizon Award

Sponsored by the Horizon Council, Lee County’s economic advisory board, the Horizon Award is based on an organization’s “exceptional level of leadership, innovation, investment and community involvement in southwest Florida.”

According to the award citation, “This not-for-profit, community-based health care agency has served people of all ages facing end of life issues for more than 20 years. Over the past five years, it has expanded its services in Lee County to embrace Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Boca Grande, and additional areas of North Fort Myers. The agency conducts customer surveys that are used by its improvement team to continually affect positive change.”

horizon award

excelleRx Institute Excellence
in Pharmacotherapy Outcomes Award

Hope was the first to receive the excelleRx award. The purpose of the award is to honor outstanding achievements by hospice organizations dedicated to superior care and promotion of best practices. According to the citation, “The criteria for the Award required the hospice to have undertaken and documented excellence in pharmacotherapy outcomes. Hope Hospice provides care using a unique collaborative practice system that does just that.”

The award recognizes Hope’s system of using integrated, state-of-the-art technology that enables pharmacists, physicians and nurses to participate in a patient’s care and make informed decisions based on current information.


US Department of Defense Recognition

The National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve cited Hope for “contributing to national security and protecting liberty by supporting employee participating in America’s National Guard and Reserve Force.” Through the Department of Defense, the Committee recognizes employers who support and value the military service of  their employees.


Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) formally recognizes partners who are improving the nation’s readiness, responsiveness, and overall resilience against extreme weather, water, and climate events. The WRN Ambassador initiative helps unify the efforts across government, non-profits, academia, and private industry against extreme environmental hazards.