Hopeful Wishes

Granting a special wish, creating a beautiful momenthopeful wish

“I wish I could just have a pool party. That’s all I want to do.”

“If I could just go fishing again…”

Hope is dedicated to helping people live life as fully as possible, in comfort and with dignity. It takes more than medication and therapy. Sometimes it’s about fulfilling special wishes.

One of the most important things we do for a person in our care is simply to listen to them. By listening carefully, we often discover things we can do to make life extra special at this moment in their lives.

  • A young patient’s family sustained damage to the roof of their house during a storm, and they could not afford the repairs. A local merchant came to the rescue, providing all the needed materials, and volunteers did the work.
  • A little girl with a serious illness wanted so badly to spend the day at a water park with her friends and family. Finances were limited. Water park management enthusiastically threw a party for the group, with refreshments, souvenirs, and a day of fun in the sun.
  • A gentleman in our care needed just one more quite afternoon of fishing, but he had no gear. A local sporting goods store made his wish come true.

Many times, the expense of granting a Hopeful Wish is minimal - the cost of a musical instrument, art supplies, a special doll -  yet the rewards for everyone involved are immeasurable. This is an opportunity to make life very special for someone. They will be grateful, and their family will never forget.

If you would be interested in helping grant Hopeful Wishes, please call 239-433-8066 or 855-454-3104.